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Theatre Reviews

Look, No Hans!

“Scott’s portrayal of the twitching military misfit managed to dominate the stage without taking anything away from [the] bumbling hero.”

Eastern Daily Press, Paper

Battling Billy

“A wonderfully human performance by Alistair Scott brought the man to life…the sheer power and dynamism of the acting meant the final death scene was particularly moving”

Post Gazette, Paper


“Louise Dumayne and Alistair Scott carry the main roles well…moments of real talent shine through in the relationships.”

Lucky Stars

“Alistair is a quick-witted, inventive, accomplished actor with an infectious sense of humour…a true gentleman.”

Kati Rynne, Director

The Caretaker

“Diffident and indifferent, his responses, both physical and verbal, to the tramp’s rantings were among the most amusing in the performance… his agonising monologue describing his experience of electric shock therapy was delivered with riveting cadence and precision.”

SCMP, Manager